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The 5th International Conference on SOL-GEL MATERIALS will be held in Trzebieszowice, Poland in the "Zamek na Skale" ("Castle on the Rock") Hotel.

Since using public transportation between Wroclaw and Trzewieszowice is not very convenient, a bus will be organized for the conference participants (one way on 1st June and return on 5th June 2008). The details will be sent to the participants.



First references to a castle in the village of Trzebieszowice date back to the 15th century. The building was originally a stone-and-wood fortress erected on the stoney banks of the Biala Ladecka river, with the purpose of defending the rich farmland in the area. Some remnants of the five-hundred-year-old foundations are still to be seen in the cellar of the castle today. The resident knights left after some time, and in the 16th century, work began on a Renaissance castle laid out around a central courtyard. The building was erected in stages from 1550-1625. The noble Reichenbach family, owners of the new castle and the land around Trzebieszowice, christened it 'Zamek Na Skale', Stonemount Castle.
At the end of the 17th century, the Caringhmain-Wales family acquired Zamek Na Skale. The family was of French origin, named Caringhmain after the county in Ireland that they owned since the year 1200 and Wales after the Welsh mountains that also belonged to them. The noblemen made Zamek Na Skale their main family residence in Klodzko County. Baron George Olivier of Wales ordered the first renovation of the castle at the time of the purchase, but died in 1689 before seeing the fruits of his labours. Entire new wings were added to the castle, as well as stables, a new tower and a two-storey-tall Palm House, the pride of the castle.
Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, Zamek Na Skale and the picturesque village of Trzebieszowice were the main attraction in the Biala Ladecka river region. Not only the recuperating guests of the luxurious spas in Klodzko County, but also regular tourists came in droves. In fact, the reputation of the spa in Ladek was so great that Frederick II, the King of Prussia himself, worn out after many military conquests, was due to arrive in the town in August 1765. The management of the spa there were so eager to please His Majesty that they borrowed the entire furnishings and decor of Zamek Na Skale for his stay. The King's treatment at the spa was successful and the area's popularity increased further.
In 1783, Baron Oliver of Wales sold the landed estate of Trzebieszowice, at the time the largest property in Klodzko County, to Count Ludwig Friedrich of Schlabrendorf. In 1813, William II, King of Prussia, visited Zamek Na Skale with his family and court. He was joined on this visit by Alexander the Great, Tsar of Russia, and the monarchs celebrated Wilhelm's birthday in style. Already back then, spa guests from throughout the area walked the scenic promenade to Trzebieszowice, taking in the forest along the river, the arboretum at Ladek and ending up in Zamek Na Skale, eager to view the famous Palm House brimming with tropical plants and the menagerie of exotic animals.
At the end of the 19th century, the Chamore-Harbuval family acquired Zamek Na Skale from the Schlabendorfs and ordered the second major renovation of the castle. The main reason for rebuilding the castle from 1903-1905 was the wish to enjoy the magnificent views of the park, river, village and nearby hills. Central to this renovation was adding the splendid drawing room, with wood panelling in the Art Nouveau and Renaissance styles, leading onto a balcony with a panoramic view. The space includes a ceramic-tiled oven typical of the time, but the most impressive feature is an Art Nouveau wooden door with a stylized visage of the lady of the castle engraved in magnificent loops. This door has been evaluated by antiques specialists as almost priceless. Further architectural highlights include colourful double-glass paneling covering the courtyard and the luxuriously sculpted main staircase in the Viennese Baroque style.
Zamek Na Skale has been the social center of Klodzko County throughout the centuries, near the world-famous Ladek Spa, visited by European royalty. The castle has been owned and shaped by families of Slavic, Prussian, Welsh and French origin—it is a splendid example of a united, multicultural Europe. It was bought by a Polish family Nojszewski in 2004 and renovated lovingly from top to bottom, adding state-of-the-art spa facilites and aiming to create an oasis of gentility. We hope you enjoy your stay at Zamek Na Skale
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