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Vadim G. Kessler



The chemistry behind the sol-gel synthesis of complex oxide nanoparticles for bioimaging applications



Michel A. Aegerter

 Printing technology: technical challenge and new opportunities for "sol-gel" coatings



Bartek A Glowacki

 Role of sol gel processing in development of high temperature superconductors for ac applications



Andrzej M. Klonkowski

 Optical phenomena in luminescent materials consisting of  Ln(III) ions and semiconductor nanostructures entrapped in oxide xerogels



Masayuki Nogami

 Fuel cells prepared by using sol-gel-derived proton-conducting materials



Miroslaw Miller

 Activities of Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ in nanotechnology&advanced materials



Daniel Ni┼żnanský

 Magnetic nanocomposites: evolution of sol-gel Methods for their preparation



Marcin Opallo

 Sol-gel processed silicate for immobilisation of nanoparticles, enzymes and ionic liquids on the electrode surface



Yunfa Chen

 Preparation and application of sol-gel derived inorganic-organic nanocomposite coatings








B. Lipowska, A. M. Klonkowski

 Luminescence action in the system: Tb(III) ions and noble metal nanostructures – silica



A.Deptula, W.Lada, T.Olczak, D.Wawszczak, M.Brykala, F.Zaza, K.Goretta

 Novel sol-gel synthesis with controlled self-ignition step of LiMn2O4 and LiNixCo1-xO2



C. Cannas, A. Ardu, A. Musinu, D. Peddis, G. Piccaluga

 A novel sol-gel selfcombution technique for the tuning of MicroStructural, Textural, and Magnetic  Properties of Nanostructured Oxides



N. Dubnikova, E. Garskaite, J. Pinkas, P. Bezdicka, A. Kareiva

 On the sol-gel preparation and characterization of lanthanide aluminium garnets



Gabriela Kuncova, Josef Trogl,  Pavla Gavlasova, S. Ripp and G. S. Sayler

 The influence of immobilization into silica  sol-gel matrix on response of  optical whole-cell biosensors



Thomas Hübert, Hilke Hattermann, Michael Griepentrog

 Inorganic fullerene filled silica coatings



Jasmin Geserick, Ute Kaiser, Ute Hörmann, Nicola Huesing

 Crystalline titania – EGMT and GMT as new precursors for sol-gel processing



J.Köhler, N. Huesing, C. Walsh, A. Bourgeois

 Synthesis of mesoporous silica films prepared by a nowel silica precursor



K.Kledzik, M.Orlowska, A.M.Klonkowski, R.Ostaszewski

 Pyrene fluorophores and noblemetal nanostructures on mesoporous MCM-48 silica as the recognition materials for metal ions



Lijiang Hu, Di Wang, Xingwen Zhang, Wenjun Wang, Yunlong Liu

 Fabrication of nonlinear optical films based on methacrylate/silica hybrid matrix



Viktor Lukac, Josef Bursik, Maxim Savinov, Vladimir Zelezny , Andrea Bencan Golob

 Potasium tantalate thin films through chemical solution deposition method



Maja Orlowska, Krzysztof Kledzik, Andrzej M. Klonkowski

 Aminated silica with Ag nanostructures as recognition material for Pb(II) and Cu(II) ions in aqueous solution



G. Renaudin, P. Laquerriere, Y. Filinchuk, E. Jallot and J.M. Nedelec

 Structural characterization of sol-gel derived Sr-substituted calcium phosphates with anti-osteoporotic and anti-inflammatory properties



Mohamed Baba, Jean-Pierre Grolier and Jean-Marie Nedelec

 Diffusion in confined geometries: a new calorimetric approach



Sarah Hartmann,  Nicola Huesing

 Glycol-modified precursors in the preparation of hierarchically organized silsequioxane and pure silica monoliths



Yuriy L. Zub

 Surface layer structure in functionalized mesoporous silicas



Ping Yang  and Michael Bredol

 ZnS:Mn nanoparticles conjugated to sol-gel-derived silica matrices



N. J. Bazin and  W. Nazarov

 Applications of aerogels within the target fabrication department at AWE

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